Southeast Service Cooperative
Case Study

The Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) is a public, non-profit agency that serves over 80 public and private school districts, cities, counties, and other organizations in the 11-county southeast region of Minnesota. They deliver administrative services such as facilities management, volume purchasing, health insurance pool management as well as programming for both students and staff.

The SSC implemented the Metric of Urgency Way in 2016 with a two-fold objective

  • Prioritize strategic initiatives that truly matter to the organization
  • Drive operating margin and revenue improvements in key services lines

Result: The cooperative identified the Professional Development process as the one strategic need that projected the greatest gain from utilizing the Metric of Urgency Way. By improving the Voice of the Customer and use of metrics in the process, SSC identified new PD revenue streams which will double revenue in the first full year of operation using the new process and project as much as a 500% increase over time.  The learning from the PD process improvement effort has already been applied to other service lines through improved strategic planning, more robust voice of customer, and increased use of key metrics.