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Take Lean Six Sigma to the next level and drive meaningful impact.

  • MoU Lean Six Sigma White Belt+

    Get exposed to the MoU Way™ and Lean Six Sigma basics through a sub-set of MoU tools and a case study at an interactive session. Earn your MoU Lean Six Sigma White Belt+.

  • MoU Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt+

    Learn the entire suite of MoU tools and Lean Six Sigma fundamentals at a two-day workshop through live exercises and experiential learning. Earn your MoU Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt+.

  • MoU Lean Six Sigma Green Belt+

    This 5-day deep-dive boot camp teaches you to apply the MoU Way along with Lean Six Sigma DMAIC phases to a strategic challenge in your own organization. Earn your MoU Lean Six Sigma Green Belt+.

  • MoU Lean Six Sigma Black Belt+

    Work hands-on applying the MoU Way and Lean Six Sigma DMAIC tools to your first project along with one-on-one coaching and evaluation from a certified MoU Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt+ Coach and earn the prestigious designation of MoU Lean Six Sigma Black Belt+.

  • Executive Leadership

    Effectively learn how to communicate in the MoU Way and lead teams that are leveraging the MoU Way.

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Sendy Gregory, Sr. Project Administrator

The Metric of Urgency combines all problem solving tools into one effective approach. 

Sendy Gregory, Sr. Project Administrator


Susan Gunderson, CEO

The drive for better alignment of our goals, our work, our processes that is the focus of Baldrige, has been amplified with the introduction of the MoU process. We’re seeing actions line up with new clarity and precision.

Susan Gunderson, CEO


Brian Lassiter, CEO

The Metric of Urgency has engaged PEN members from all sectors; manufacturing, healthcare, education, small business, non-profit, and Fortune 50.

Brian Lassiter, CEO

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Helping organizations prioritize work through continuous improvement is core to the Metric of Urgency Way. Introduce the Metric of Urgency to your members and share in the revenue. Revenue is shared with educational and non-profit organizations.

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Implement The Metric of Urgency Way in your organization and realize the benefits immediately! If you are seeking assistance for an Enterprise implementation of MoU, Rendement Group can help. Please inquire at the get started page or learn more about Rendement Group.

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